House Leveling/Foundation Repair

If your home is sinking, we can help you out of a hole, no problem! Please read below to find out more about our house leveling services.


Sticking Windows and Doors

Cracking of Interior Walls

Cracks in Exterior Bricks

Cracks in Foundation

No Foundation No Problem Jordan Housemoving installs Footings and Foundations.

We also Raise Houses and Buildings

Can't repair Plumbing due to low clearance let Jordan Housemoving raise your home 8 to 16 inches.



Other Services

House Moving
Jordan's Housemoving can make almost any move possible! If you are interested in moving your home, please take a look at this section to find out what is involved and what Jordan's can do for you!

We do more than just move houses... Jordan's also specializes in residential demolition, concrete slab removal, and any unique demolition needs you might have. Find out more in this section!


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